Reyers Shoe Store
First in Footwear

Reyers is America's Largest Shoe Store. At 36,000 sq. ft., Reyers holds
inventories from the shoe industry's best name brands, from soup to nuts. Reyers
is especially proud of its long tradition of award-winning service and ability to
provide hard-to-find sizes, styles, and colors unavailable anywhere else.

2016 will mark our 130th year in business, since the days of the covered
wagon. Yet we've never been frozen in the past; we have a wonderfully interactive
website, and a Facebook page that reflects the values of our small-town community
of Sharon, Pa.

Reyers continues to give back to the community in which it thrives, having
donated over 10,000 pairs of shoes to children in need, and thousands of dollars to
such worthy philanthropies as our Food Warehouse, and the Susan B. Komen
Foundation. Reyers is a multi-decade donor to the ASPCA and other animal charities.
Recently, the owners of Reyers have established the Harry and Natalie Jubelirer Fund,
dedicated to the protection and conservation of wildlife, and are sustaining members
of the Buhl Park Wildlife Committee (we are their voice).

The generations of Reyers' owners have always served on various city and
county committees, organizations, and Boards of Directors. And, of course, they are
still to be found on the selling floor, interacting with customers and learning from

In 2014, Harry Jubelirer was inducted posthumously into the National Shoe
Retailers Hall of Fame. No small feat, excuse the pun. In the early 1950's, he
bought the little 1200 sq. ft. shoe store from Carl Reyer, keeping the name, and
growing his store into the world renowned business that it is. Also in that year 2014,
Reyers was honored as America's single best shoe store in its category, called
"Sit and Fit." Which is what we do, and why our customers are so loyal over the
generations. Our professional staff of shoe fitters is second to none.

Reyers has been featured in TIME magazine, the Boston Globe, the
Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Akron newspapers and magazines,
The David Letterman Show, Charles Kuralt's "On the Road" and more. Reyers has
been recognized by the major trade magazine Footwear News as one of the
"World's Best Shoe Stores". Recently Reyers was honored with the County's Tourism
Award and the Chamber's Phoenix Award, and has twice received Certificates of
Recommendation by the PA Senate and the PA House of Representatives.

Reyers is now owned and managed by Mark and Steven Jubelirer, themselves 3rd generation shoemen, who pledge to move forward always in the time-honored traditions of Reyers' past.